Homo.se - Discrimination against homosexuals in Sweden

Homo.se touches upon the tough subject that is discrimination against homosexuals. Even if Sweden according to many have always been ahead when it comes to HBTQ-rights there are still major issues to adress. 


Many have experiences of being discriminated agains or harassed for their sexual orientation which can lead to mental health problems as well as alienation. 


On Homo.se you can find material from the previous discrimination ombudsman in Sweden aswell as news within the spectrum of discrimination and homosexuality.

Discrimination in Sweden - in numbers

1 %

Of all bi and homosexuals in Sweden have experienced some form of discrimination.


Cases of discrimination because of sexual orientation where made during 2009. 

1 %

Homosexual men in Sweden earn aprox. 5-15% less than straight men.

A long history of discrimination

Homosexuals have been discriminated against during large parts of our history. In Sweden inte was not legal with same sex relationships until 1944, but even then it was considerd an mental ilness. This law was not removed until 1979. Many things have changed since then, but many are stil treated badly because of their sexual orientation.


Today Sweden is in aspects a world leader in HBTQ-rights, but the law is not always enough. In some groups of society there is still widespread homophobia leading to the discrimination of those who identify as anything else than straight.

Rescources if you have been discriminated

In Sweden it is the ”diskrimineringslag” that outlines what is considered discrimination. You can find a brief description of the law here, but you can also read it on DO:s webpage.


If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination, at school or at work you can turn to DO directly. There you can find information about how to make report it as well as how the process works.